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2Plus (2+) has some of the largest wireless installations in Israel, a strategic partnership with leading international companies in the field, extremely advanced information security systems for RF systems and rich professional know-how in WLAN. Similarly to specialist companies in the USA and in Europe, and according to known models in the field, 2Plus (2+) has established special activity in the Enterprise field for provision of planning and support services in setting up wireless access systems in broadband communications for companies and organizations, focusing on the organizational customer's needs on the basis of the "Always On" concept.

Wi-Fi Site Survey

Site surveys ensure a successful and efficient wireless network deployment. 2Plus Wireless Site Assessment service helps organizations looking to deploy WLAN and those currently using wireless technologies to assess the environment for optimal wireless network design, management and potential security concerns. New installations—determine capital investment and obtain the number and preferred location of access points for the best coverage before the initial deployment Existing installations—verify the number of access points required versus the number actually deployed and validate their location to ensure optimal performance for all end users Ongoing optimization—ensure optimal performance by conducting periodic site surveys in order to account for changes in the WLAN environment 2Plus site assessment service uses automated software and industry best practices to locate and map authorized and unauthorized wireless access points, review any corporate access point deployment, analyze the environment for interference and design and plan a WLAN network. 2Plus will deliver the following: Site survey report containing individual floor plans that indicate AP mounting recommendations, sources of interference and areas of concern/out of scope including survey files Heat map showing RF coverage of the entire floor Bill of materials including all access point antennae, power injectors, cables and grounding needed for complete installation Test methodology and tools

Aruba Networks Experts

We are designing , deploying and supporting Aruba deployment in Israel since 2003.Thousands of global organizations across every major industry category have deployed Aruba's products to meet their campus wireless LAN, branch office, and remote networking, and network management needs. From the main campus to the home office to the mobile user, Aruba provides best-in-class products for securely connecting users to information and applications in the distributed enterprise network.

ALE,BLE Beacons & RTLS Experts

We can: Improve efficiency Reduce staff time spent searching for, delivering, maintaining, and cleaning equipment through real-time status and location of equipment. Reduce costs Increase equipment utilization and lower shrinkage rates while decreasing rental fees and penalties. Improve patient outcomes and experiences Provide immediate access to equipment and reduce wait times. Increase staff productivity Reduce time and effort associated with maintaining par levels. Help prevent the spread of infection Provide location history that pinpoints equipment associated with an infectious patient. Drive better decision making Gain a higher level of operational insight into inventory quantity and location, par levels and equipment process cycle status with powerful, visually-driven analytics.

Aruba - a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

We build networks that support mobile-first, cloud-first business apps. We help businesses empower #GenMobile with exactly what they need, at exactly the right time, wherever they are. We make business leaders and IT the allies. As organizations move towards smarter work spaces with mobile workers, we help business leaders and IT deliver value, while building the office of the future. We are customer first, customer last. That means we don’t develop technology for technology’s sake. We listen to our customers and solve their toughest business challenges.

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Stanley Healthcare

Visibility and Analytics Solutions to Advance the Quality of Care STANLEY Healthcare is a recognized leader in visibility and analytics solutions that transform safety, security and operational efficiency for senior living organizations, hospitals and health systems. Our solutions enable customers to achieve organizational excellence and superior care in five critical areas: Security and Protection Patient and Resident Safety Clinical Operations and Workflow Environmental Monitoring Asset Management STANLEY Healthcare is an operating division of Stanley Black & Decker, a Fortune 500 company with a track record of innovation and sustained profitable growths.

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Routier - Guest Engagement Solution

Routier increases consumer engagement & drives revenues over Wi-Fi networks for businesses.

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Build a better mobile app for your venue. Give your users features that matter: indoor turn-by-turn navigation, indoor location awareness, context-aware information, and more. Infuse your mobile app with location-based features and vastly improve visitor engagement. Deliver indoor mapping, turn-by-turn directions, venue-specific content, and proximity-based notifications to mobile app users during their visits.

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